the rural gap

In McDowell County, you have to make a choice; you either live or work in town or in a rural area. If you choose to live or work in a rural location, you're most likely going to have very limited access to fast and affordable broadband internet services.​

How can having access to affordable and reliable broadband internet improve our community?

  • Attract more technical and higher paying jobs into the area.

  • Save money and gas on entertaining by allowing access to streaming services and online gaming.

  • Allow medical practices to use the latest life saving equipment and diagnostic tools.

  • Give students the ability to complete homework online, increasing productivity and giving them more opportunities to succeed.

  • Create part-time job opportunities for stay at home parents.

  • Provide tele-medicine services to patients that lack reliable transportation to see doctors or pick up medical prescriptions.

  • Allow distance learning online and increase earning potential 

  • Access to online banking allows for better financial management.

Connect McDowell

Through our multi-tier approach of Strategic Planning, Funding Partnerships and Community Awareness, we will work to eliminate the rural deficit in McDowell County.