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Student dilemma

"My child has a school issued Chromebook and all of his academic classes require internet access to complete and turn in assignments. We can't get an affordable provider to serve us, so I have to drive him into town to use the internet at a local restaurant. This costs me extra gas money and time each week but he has to do his school work. Can someone please help us?"

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Distance learning

"I lost my job in manufacturing, and can't find another job that pays as well. With three small kids and a wife to support, I've got to keep working while I get a degree online. Our internet is too slow and unreliable for online classes and I'm really concerned about my future and supporting my family. What am I supposed to do?

Expand my business

"I own a successful business and need room to grow. That means a new building and 20 new jobs for our local economy. Property costs in town are outrageous so I've found a great piece of property outside of town. The local internet provider told me that it's going to cost over $15,000 to get even basic DSL service out to the property. That isn't in the budget and I'm not sure I'll be able to expand my business now."

Not for profit


"As a Director for a small not for profit organization, I'm constantly trying to find the best value in services to manage our modest budget. Luckily our staff has grown, but we simply can't afford to pay to upgrade our internet  service to meet our growing needs. I hate to have to choose between serving our mission or paying a much higher price for the internet, but I'm not sure what choice I have."

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Technology evolving

"As our medical practice has grown, we've struggled to find internet that will handle the high resolution imagery that we must send to other medical partners. It has slowed down the care process on our end and we're starting to get complaints from both patients and medical partners. How can I get HIPPA compliant internet service that can give me the capacity I need to meet my patient's needs? "

No longer

able to drive

"A few months ago, my doctor told me that I could no longer safely drive due to my vision. I was concerned about paying my monthly bills without being able to drive to town. My daughter has helped me setup online bill pay, but I cannot get any internet service to my house. I don't want to bother others and I can't safely drive now. What can I do?"