our stories

Not for profit


"As a Director for a small not for profit organization, I'm constantly trying to find the best value in services to manage our modest budget. Luckily our staff has grown, but we simply can't afford to pay to upgrade our internet  service to meet our growing needs. I hate to have to choose between serving our mission or paying a much higher price for the internet, but I'm not sure what choice I have."

Entertaining the kids 

"My classmates are always talking about the newest PS4 game or that new show that they are streaming on the internet. Where we live, we have a satellite for our internet. I've tried to play with them or watch the same show, but our internet is too slow and Dad says we can't get anything else.

I need transportation 

"I'm on a fixed income and have lost my ability to drive, due to vision issues. I have to pay people to transport me to town to pay bills, see the doctor and pickup my medicines and groceries. My grandson mentioned that he could help me with some of those things "online", but I live out of city limits and can't get service from anyone. I don't want to be a burden to others, but it seems like I have no choice.



"My supervisor asked me to take on a new project that will require me to work from home. This project could be my ticket to a promotion. My DSL connection will not support working through a VPN and I'm struggling to complete the assigned project. I need better internet if I want to complete this project and get noticed for a promotion. So frustrating!"

Homework challenge 

"My daughter took a lot of AP classes to prepare for college. All of those classes were completed online with her chrome book. The only internet we have is our cellphone hot spot and I couldn't afford more overages. It breaks my heart to have to tell her to go to school early or stay late so she'll have internet access to complete her assignments, but what choice do I have?

Relocate my business

"I own a successful construction business and need room to grow. That means a new building and 20 new jobs for our local economy. Property costs in town are outrageous so I've found a great piece of property outside of town. The local internet provider told me that it's going to cost $100,000 to get even basic DSL service out to the property. That isn't in the budget and I'm not sure I'll be able to expand my business now."